Omaha Crime Report  

About the Crime Report

How do we get the data?

The Omaha Police Department records many details about reported crimes, such as the property and vehicles that were damaged or stolen and the victims involved. The Crime Report makes a rich database of crime details easily accessible within minutes of a crime being transmitted by the police.

What's missing?

Not every crime is listed. Among the crimes excluded are drug offenses, traffic violations, domestic violence crimes and missing persons reports. Crimes that do not have a mappable location also are not included. Incidents that lack information about when the crime was reported or took place are left out, too.

When are crimes listed?

Records are typically processed two days after a crime takes place. But there are exceptions. Victims don't always report crimes right away. In certain cases, records are kept out of the system as they are investigated. Our database goes back to 2010.

Why not use exact addresses?

Our goal is to let readers know generally when and where crimes have occurred.

Why name businesses?

Most businesses are relatively public, and we deem it to be a matter of public interest if they are affected by crime.

An address is all wrong, or something doesn't make sense. How do I tell you to get your act together?

The Omaha Crime Report is entirely automated, and mistakes will happen. If you spot something that looks out of place, or have an idea for something we should fix, let us know.

Our updates

Not all crimes matter to you. A break-in miles away probably won't affect your daily routine, whereas a break-in on your block leaves you wondering whether you locked the back door.

That's why we built updates into this site. We'll give you a heads up when a crime is worth your attention.

Here's how it works

  1. Register for an account.

  2. Enter the address you want to monitor. It can be your home, work or somewhere else important.

  3. Tell us how close we should watch – your closest neighbors, your surrounding block or the three blocks around you.

  4. Pick the crimes you care about – choose from car thefts, robberies, assaults, property crimes and more.

  5. As soon as we process records each morning, you'll receive an e-mail with any matches. You only get an update if there's something to report. No crimes? No update!

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