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Not all crimes matter to you. A break-in miles away won't affect your daily routine at all, whereas a break-in next door leaves you wondering whether you remembered to lock up before you left.

That's why we offer updates. We'll give you a heads up when a crime is worth your attention. If there's nothing to report, we'll stay out of your inbox.

Here's how it works

1. Register for an account.

2. Put an address in the system. (It could be your home, work, or somewhere else important.)

3. Tell us the area to watch - your closest neighbors, your surrounding block or the three blocks around you.

4. Pick the crimes you care about - choose from car thefts, robberies, assaults, property crimes and more.

5. As soon as we process records each morning, you'll receive an e-mail with any matches. You only get an e-mail if there's something to report. We aren't out to spam you: No crimes? No update. Simple as that.


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