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Theft near 4900 G St

On Dec. 1, 2016, several crimes were reported near 4900 G St in the Hitchcock Park neighborhood.

Location: Comm./Office Building

After the initial report was investigated, these crimes were logged for 3 victims:

Theft By Unlawful Taking Ovr $1500

Theft By Unlawful Taking Ovr $1500

Burglary-Forcible Entry

Police records say $3,850 worth of property was stolen or damaged. Those items are listed below.

Items stolen/damaged Result
other property type metal gate and fence da Destroyed/Damaged
2 snow plow 6ft 8inch snow plow blades Stolen
4 other property type wire decking Stolen

For more details about what happened, click here to request a copy of the incident report from the Omaha Police Department by calling 402-444-5638. Give them the report number, AJ27742. The department charges a $5 fee.

Anyone with tips about this crime should contact the police at 402-444-7867 or use the department's anonymous submission form.

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Weekly theft reports in the Hitchcock Park neighborhood

Other theft in the Hitchcock Park neighborhood

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3600 D St Jan. 23, 2017
3600 S 31st St Sep. 25, 2016
5000 S 41st St Feb. 15, 2016
3600 U St Oct. 30, 2015
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Theft in surrounding neighborhoods last week

Neighborhood Crimes
Hitchcock Park 2
Highland 1
Hanscom Park 0
Karen Western 0
St. Thomas More 0

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