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Burglary near 8800 Grant St

On March 15, 2017, several crimes were reported near 8800 Grant St in the Hillside neighborhood.

Location: Residence/Home

After the initial report was investigated, these crimes were logged for 11 victims:

Theft Of Motor Vehicle - Felony Mv

Burglary-Forcible Entry

Burglary-Forcible Entry

Police records say $1,505 worth of property was stolen or damaged. Those items are listed below.

Items stolen/damaged Result
SILVER '02 Saturn SL
television (tv) flat screen Stolen
power saw chainsaw Stolen
door-structure wood door & frame Destroyed/Damaged
drivers license ne id card to vicim Stolen
desktop computer computer tower Stolen
television (tv) flat screen Stolen
credit/debit netpay pre paid card Stolen
windows-structure 8'x12" window Destroyed/Damaged
wallet womens wallet Stolen

For more details about what happened, click here to request a copy of the incident report from the Omaha Police Department by calling 402-444-5638. Give them the report number, AJ52028. The department charges a $5 fee.

Anyone with tips about this crime should contact the police at 402-444-7867 or use the department's anonymous submission form.

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 Trend watch: Burglary

There were four other burglary reports nearby around the same time.

8800 Maple St Mar. 19
3300 N 90th St Mar. 18
1200 Robertson Dr Mar. 14
2500 N 90th St Mar. 5

 Other crimes reported at this location

Motor vehicle theft Mar. 15

Weekly burglary reports in the Hillside neighborhood

Other burglary in the Hillside neighborhood

1700 N 73rd St Apr. 26, 2017
7200 Blondo St Mar. 31, 2017
8500 Blondo St Mar. 28, 2017
8800 Maple St Mar. 19, 2017
2600 N 72nd St Mar. 17, 2017
1200 Robertson Dr Mar. 14, 2017
2500 N 90th St Mar. 5, 2017
2300 N 90th St Mar. 4, 2017
1000 N 90th St Feb. 16, 2017
2200 N 88th St Jan. 24, 2017

Burglary in surrounding neighborhoods last week

Neighborhood Crimes
Hillside 5
Regency 1
Dundee North (Memorial Park) 1
Maple Village 1
Loveland 0
Benson North 0
Westroads 0
Benson South 0
Keystone 0

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