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Assault near 4900 Bedford Ave

On April 17, 2017, a crime was reported near 4900 Bedford Ave in the Fontenelle Park neighborhood.

Police department records call this a "Assault - Felony - Aggravated."

For more details about what happened, click here to request a copy of the incident report from the Omaha Police Department by calling 402-444-5638. Give them the report number, AJ60489. The department charges a $5 fee.

Anyone with tips about this crime should contact the police at 402-444-7867 or use the department's anonymous submission form.

Addresses are assigned to locations automatically. If this appears to be in the wrong location, please let us know.

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There were three other violent crime reports nearby around the same time.

5100 Maple St Apr. 26
N 0th St & Spencer St Apr. 18
N 100th St & Ames Ave Apr. 15

Weekly violent crime reports in the Fontenelle Park neighborhood

Other assault in the Fontenelle Park neighborhood

5100 Evans St May. 21, 2017
4200 Emmet St May. 16, 2017
5100 Maple St Apr. 26, 2017
4900 Maple St Feb. 18, 2017
4800 Boyd St Feb. 12, 2017
3900 N 40th Ave Feb. 1, 2017
4300 Lake St Nov. 21, 2016
4800 Ames Ave Nov. 5, 2016
4100 Binney St Oct. 23, 2016
4100 Binney St Oct. 23, 2016

Violent crime in surrounding neighborhoods last week

Neighborhood Crimes
Adams Park 1
Fontenelle Park 1
Benson South 1
Miller Park 0
Benson North 0
Walnut Hill 0
Dundee North (Memorial Park) 0
Mount View 0

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